leadership in the workplace

By modelling, guiding, and reinforcing the skills that will support the individual’s goals, a leader can play an integral role in building capacity in those around them.

effective feedback in the workplace

This workshop examines the power of effective feedback and teaches an effective strategy that anyone can use to build an adaptive, collaborative, and innovative workforce.

conflict & difficult interactions

Conflict is common in any workplace. Many of us have experienced or witnessed the distress that can come with unmanaged conflict. If managed thoughtfully, conflict can be a spark for creativity, innovation, and development.

managing me

Remaining productive can often seem like a challenge for business leaders. During this course, participants receive instruction on how to resolve issues efficiently, creating a steady stream of high-quality output and keeping their workforce engaged. 

communications in the workplace

One of the strongest predictors of a high-performing manufacturer is the strength of communication skills within that organization.


To assist Canadian manufacturers in the process of making contact with newly-immigrated and foreign trained workers, EMC is launching the Global Skills Connection program — a series of workshops aimed at helping all manufacturers with Canada’s business immigration system. Global Skills Connection courses help domestic manufacturers solve existing and potential recruitment challenges, employ a diverse variety of diligent, enthusiastic newcomers, and capitalize upon internationally-recognized skills and experience!