5s workplace organization

 During this course, participants will gain a thorough introduction to each step of the 5S methodology.

developing standard work

In this course, participants discuss the importance of standardization in the workplace, and analyze the benefits it has on employee productivity and collective output.

visual management

Visual iconography can hold a great deal of power over the knowledge, engagement, and motivation of labourers in a manufacturing workspace.

trust, teamwork and high performance

Every role in the manufacturing sector involves some aspect of collaboration, but it can be difficult to reconcile individual personalities and work methods with shared goals and processes. 

root cause analysis

A variety of tools for overcoming production issues have been developed for application in the modern manufacturing field. 

management skills and leadership styles

Effective leadership is a critical component of a well-functioning workplace. 

lean management systems program

Lean Management Systems are the combined activities that leaders of Lean workspaces use to facilitate a culture of efficiency in their enterprises. 

intro to lean principles

Lean Enterprise Principles are a collection of processes that workers can utilize to achieve their goals and expand their organizations without delay. 


Applying rapid improvement processes to a manufacturing workplace can often be challenging for workers and leaders. 

creating continuous flow

Continuous improvement processes are key to the success of any manufacturing enterprise. 

value stream mapping

Value Stream Maps are one of the most effective resources for stoking continuous improvement in a manufacturing workplace.

total productive maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance — the culmination of reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance, and predictive maintenance practices — is one of the most effective methods of optimizing productivity in a manufacturing workplace. 

lean accounting

Efficient financial management is a crucial component of any smoothly-operating Lean workspace. 

mistake proofing (poka-yoke)

Continuous improvement processes are an excellent resource for stoking beneficial change in a manufacturing organization. 

failure mode & effects analysis

By utilizing the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) method of preparing for risk, manufacturing employees are able to to address challenges as they arise. 

facilitation skills

Continuous improvement processes are key to the success of any manufacturing enterprise.

applications of lean in accounting and administration

Waste can often lead to decreased profitability in financial management, but streamlining critical accounting processes can be an intimidating endeavour.

the practice of leadership and coaching

In today’s manufacturing landscape, a leader’s ability to form mutually-beneficial relationships with their employees is vital to an organization’s continued success.

setup time reduction

Production equipment is a crucial component of manufacturing activities, but extensive setup times can be a significant detriment to productivity and efficiency.

lean supervisor

Supervisors, managers, and team leaders play a critical role in the typical operations of any manufacturing business.

kaizen train the trainer

This course aims to develop every aspect of Kaizen usage — including development, implementation, and execution — and discusses a number of topics surrounding the importance of continuous process improvement.

effective problem solving

In this course, participants learn about the Planning, Doing, Checking, and Acting (PDCA) method of problem-solving, and understand the diverse benefits it offers to manufacturing workers and organizations.

developing pull systems

A “pull system” is the process by which employees take on new tasks immediately following their completion of existing ones. 

supervisor time management

Front-line leaders often find themselves with competing priorities. On the one hand leaders have activities related to long-term strategy that deserve careful planning and execution.