Supervisor Time Management

Front-line leaders often find themselves with competing priorities. On the one hand leaders have activities related to long-term strategy that deserve careful planning and execution. These are the “should do” activities to make beneficial improvements in the processes they champion. However, on the other hands front-line leaders work with the reality of unexpected, urgent, short-term priorities. These become the “must do” tasks on already crowded calendars.

Participants Will Learn & Apply These Skills:


  • Unique (but proven) analysis tools to understand and articulate where time is being spent
  • An evaluation method to categorize activities into Strategic, Proactive, Reactive, and Detractive tasks
  • Continuous Improvement tools to transform Reactive tasks into Proactive activity
  • Methods to work with peers on other shifts & departments to reduce wasted time for everyone
  • Strategies to manage the expectations of leaders

Course Methods:



This facilitated workshop format will have participants working with peers from their own company and/or other industries. Each interactive workshop sessions will include:

  • Training and group interpretation/discussion of new concepts and content
  • Time for each participant to plan their implementation of the next phase of critical improvements
  • Facilitation & discussion with experienced coaches
  • Review of previous homework tasks & results

DURATION: 4 weeks, 4 hours per week.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Virtual, facilitated

SCHEDULE: Virtual Session – Series starts June 12, 2024

Training is available in English.