Conflict and Difficult Interactions

Conflict is common in any workplace. Many of us have experienced or witnessed the distress that can come with unmanaged conflict. If managed thoughtfully, conflict can be a spark for creativity, innovation, and development.

Course Summary:


Understanding some of the common sources of conflict, as well as how the role of strong communication skills, and effective strategies for conflict management will all help ensure conflict does not escalate. With practice, conflict management will lead to less stress and improved productivity in the workplace.

Discussed Topics:


  • Understand the impact of ignoring or mishandling conflict in the workplace
  • Recognize common sources of conflict
  • Explore the difference between diverse workplaces and inclusive workplaces
  • Understand the importance of conflict management in creating inclusive workplaces
  • Explore the role of perspective in understanding differences
  • Recognize different communication and conflict management styles and their impact on conflict management
  • Learn and practice strategies for managing conflict and having difficult conversations

DURATION: One (1) Three-Hour Session

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Virtual or In-Person Classroom

SCHEDULE: Virtual Session – March 27, 2024

Training is available in English.